Minor updates

I've done some minor updates to the site... you might not even see them. But i assure you. They're there! hehe

Goodbye bush!


oh my gawd, the bird has mutated! Cant wait to see the next mutation! could get a pair of wheels or something!


Ehm, no comment...

Features added

I just added some features to the site. Its a youtube and other videos viewer. And a handy tool for adding them to the site. So from here on out you could except a lot of updates to the site. Since I no longer have to convert movies to normal video formats. So peace out and look forward to a lot of new videos comming your way.

My new toy: Sigma 150-500mm APO OS ::UPDATED::

I just got my new lense imported from China. I gotta say. I LOVE THIS lense. It simply rules. And its even 'sharp' with a 1.4x Kenko Teleconverter. 700mm in total with the teleconverter. Take a look at these pictures I took earlier, just to show you the power of the Sigma 150-500mm. I LOVE IT


So Google desided to close my Google Adsense account due to invalid clicks. Great...
And i was making sooooo much money out off it... $$$$$!!!

So, once again FUBARSITE.com is updated

Added a Link portal section (mostly for my personal use) and a Smile pile. Hopefully satisfing your instant messaging emotions needs. Anyways, things are going great. Going to upload some more videos soon aswell... Been a bit busy lately.
bounce bounce

Finally, some updates...

So, finally, I got to upload a few videos to the site. Enjoy.

Update this!

ehm, wtf

Phear the elite ninja

Fresh start

So this is like a fresh start now.

Two thumbs up or something...?